SYSTEXX by Vitrulan

VK INTERIOR, the dealer in chennai is happy to announce a new concept to the Indian market and would like to share the details of the new concept of fibre glass wall fabrics for the walls


Vitrulan Textile Glass Space Global Pvt. Ltd. (VTGSGPL), is an Indo-German Joint Venture starting operations in India to establish and sell pre-glue fibre glass protective wall fabrics under the brand name ‘SYSTEXX’


“SYSTEXX” is a fibre glass protective wall fabric which is woven using glass as the raw material. This is the only product in the world with the “pre-glue” technology. “SYSTEXX” – wall and ceiling coverings made of textile fabric, i.e. woven from glass yarn. These glass fabrics are used in busy areas, such as residential buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, public buildings, community facilities, office buildings, schools, nursery schools, museums, hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, shopping malls, train stations, airports and army barracks.

“SYSTEXX” is a new concept/product to be launched in India which may answer the complicated work of preparing the wall – both brick and dry wall – prior to painting. In other words, this is a revolutionary wall covering to be introduced to improve the aesthetics of the wall while covering the deficiencies resulting in a modern finish with different beautiful patterns on the wall.

Some of the product features and benefits are as follows:

  • Hides existing cracks on plaster walls, prevents new cracks
  • Breathable, therefore prevents moisture accumulation and wall damage from moisture retention.
  • Prevents flaking of paint
  • Beautiful creative patterns on the fabric results in colours designer walls after painting
  • Withstands aggressive maintenance, Highly washable & can be cleaned with caustic agents
  • Remains on the wall surface lifetime and less maintenance
  • Can remain with the patterns up to 10 repainting during the course of time.
  • High impact resistance
  • Seamless surfaces
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Environmentally friendly, natural ingredients
  • LEED certified
  • Unlimited design options

For further details on the product and the company, please visit the website

To know more on the installation you can also view

We would like to meet you sometime next week to explain about the product and also install a mock up in one of your upcoming projects.

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